Fee Schedule

Fees associated with a specific account

  • Consumer Checking Plus (a NJ Consumer Checking Account) – No monthly service fee
  • Century Checking Plus (Now Account) – Monthly fee if balance falls below $300.00 on any day of the statement cycle: $5.00
  • 55 Plus Checking (Now Account) – No monthly service fee
  • Statement Savings – Monthly fee if balance falls below $50.00 on any day of the statement cycle: $3.00
  • Money Market Plus – Monthly fee if balance falls below $1500.00 on any day of the statement cycle: $15.00
Owned ATM Withdrawals No Charge
Transfer of Funds No Charge
Balance Inquiries No Charge
Card Reissue Fee $5.00
Insufficient Funds Charge (per each item presented)* $35.00
Stop Payment (per item) $30.00
Return of Deposited Item $15.00
Copy of Paid Check $2.50
Copy of Monthly Statement $5.00
Temporary Checks (3 per sheet) $3.00
Safe Deposit/Night Depository, lost key $15.00
Cashier’s Check $10.00
Money Order $4.00
Wire Transfer In (Domestic/Int’l) No Charge
Wire Transfer Out – Domestic $25.00
Wire Transfer Out – International $40.00
Collection Item (plus 3rd party fee) $25.00
Canadian and Foreign Check Collection (plus 3rd party fee) $25.00
Levies (per occurrence) $125.00
Research (per hour) $30.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling $175.00
Check Printing ** At catalog prices
Overdraft Protection Transfer $10.00
Account Inactivity Fee (per statement cycle) **** $10.00
Early Close Out (within 90 days of opening) $10.00

*A fee may be imposed for overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
We limit the number of NSF Fees assessed per business day to no more than 3 per account.
No NSF Fees will be assessed for overdrafts of $5.00 or less.
Be aware that an item or payment may be presented multiple times and that we do not monitor or control the number of times a transaction is presented for payment. You agree that we may charge a NSF fee each time a payment is presented if the amount of money available in your account is not sufficient to cover the payment, regardless of the number of times the payment is presented.

**For related product information, please consult your branch representative.

***Per cycle period, per transaction.

****No customer-initiated activity for 24 months.

If you do not use your account or contact the Bank within three (3) years, and we are unable to reach you by mail, your account will be subject to escheat laws. The Bank is required to give the balance remaining in your account to the State of New Jersey, and you will have to contact the State for the return of your money.


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